Tuesday, 27th June 2017

About Nepalnews.com

Nepalnews.com is a pioneer in online journalism in Nepal.

Our newsroom is completely focused on digital reporting, with the aim to bring you “news from Nepal as it happens”. Check us for the latest on politics, business, society, sports and other sectors from Nepal. We also offer in-depth reporting and analysis on current issues in the country. Our team is dedicated to keep you updated, using the strengths of an online news platform.

In addition to our original content, Nepalnews.com hosts a number of live FM stations, TV channels and local publications. We hope to expand your access to media in Nepal with this effort.

We understand that as an online news portal, we have the opportunity to directly interact with our audience. We encourage you to give us feedback and connect with us on social media.

Join us as we explore possibilities in digital reporting and storytelling to keep you informed on all you want to know about Nepal.

Meet the team

C.E.O: Sanjib Raj Bhandari

Editorial Team: Paavan Mathema, Anand Gurung, Manoj Rijal, Rajendra Pokharel, Kishor Poudel and Rajin Rai.

Web Team: Rajesh K. Chaudhary, Sanjeev Singh Dangol, Rabindra Maharjan and Anand K. Chaudhary

Video Editors: Ravi Rimal and Kiran Shrestha

Camerapersons: Kumar Bhandari and Rup Chandra Maharjan

Photojournalist: Ram Prasad Humagai

Nepalnews.com is owned by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.





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