Tuesday, 27th June 2017

Cambodian PM meets UN envoy

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Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, has held over three-hour long talks with the United Nations special rapporteur on Cambodia, Prof. Surya P. Subedi, in Phnom Penh.

During the talks, Prof Subedi presented his recommendations to bring about governance reforms in Cambodia. Prof Subedi also met opposition leaders of Cambodia and exchanged views regarding resolving the on-going political crisis in the country.

Nearly two years ago, Prime Minister Hun Sen had expressed reservations to the report submitted by Prof Subedi to the UN on the human rights situation in Cambodia. He even referred him as a person from a country that had failed to draft its own constitution. But after the report was welcomed widely by the international community and protests were launched within the country demanding governance reforms, the Cambodian Prime Minister has agreed to start working on the UN recommendations.    

A professor of international law at the University of Leeds, UK, Prof Subedi was appointed UN envoy on human rights to Cambodia in 2009 and his tenure was extended later. 





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