Tuesday, 27th June 2017

British Minister apprised of int’l students’ problems

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MD of the South London College, Rajen Kandel, with British Business Secretary, Dr Vince Cable, in London last weekBritish Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, Dr Vince Cable, has assured that he will convey the problems related to international students and educational institutions to the concerned government department.

In a meeting with Dr Cable at Blackheath, London, last week,  vice chairman of the Britain-Nepal Chamber of Commerce  Rajen Kandel, drew the attention of the Business Secretary towards discriminatory rules against international students and private colleges in the UK. He said that due to tough immigration policies adopted by the coalition government, higher education sector—that contributes up to 10 billion pounds a year to the British economy—was facing severe constraints.

Mr Kandel, who is managing director of South London College (SLC) in London and CEO of The British College in Kathmandu, said that private colleges in the UK used to send up to 40 per cent students to various Universities but that after changes in immigration rules introduced by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, number of students going to University from private Colleges had declined substantially. He said if the British government did not revise its immigration policies it could lose out to its competitors like Australia in the international higher education market.

Mr Cable said that international students had contributed a lot to the British economy and that they were integral part of the UK’s higher education system. He assured that he will convey the concerns of the education sector to the Home Office with latest data.





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