Tuesday, 27th June 2017

COSMOS cement produces qualitative cement

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The cement produced by the Eastern Cosmos Cement Industry Pvt. Ltd. has found a good market after the factory in eastern region started to produce standard cement.

Proprietor of the cement factory, Laxmi Chaudhary said the industry sells 5,000 sacks of cement daily by producing two brands of cement namely 'Tej' and 'Purbeli' after acquiring standard certificate from the Department of Standards and Metrology.

The industry which was established a year ago with modern technology and pollution control measures, has now been producing 5,000 sacks of cement daily as against  1,000 sacks in the past.

Competition has been increased for quality with other cement industries after the cement produced in the industry established at a cost of Rs 400 million at Hattimuda of Morang was qualitative, says Chaudhary.

The department and its regional office in Biratnagar have been collecting samples and monitoring on the quality as per standards, said Regional Office Chief of the Department Shashi Bhusan Yadav.

Eastern region has a dozen cement industries operating in eastern Nepal including Maruti, National, Pashupati, Udayapur, Gorakhkali, Manasa and Century.